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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Consolidation Cycle 2

This week I began the second cycle of my Vel/Rev/dex consolidation therapy.  I met with Richardson on Tuesday and questioned him on the significance of the trace amounts of IgG Lambda M Spike found in my recent immunofixation tests.  He reaffirmed to me that he felt it was of no clinical significance, so I guess I'm somewhat mollified.  It still bothers me in the back of my mind. however.  If this doesn't go away soon, I'll be bringing it up again, mark my words.  He also suggested that I start using Dr. Katz Therabreath mouthwash daily as a prevention against infection.  (He reassured me that it's not because I have bad breath, although who knows, maybe I do.)

I've been fortunate that I still have had no symptoms of peripheral neuropathy (PN) since starting the new treatment regimen.  I have a prescription for Neurontin (gapapentin), which helps PN, but I'm waiting to fill it in case I need it.  At the first sign of PN, I will start the gapapentin and request lowering the dose of Velcade.  I still hope to persuade Richardson to allow me to go to subcutaneous Velcade if PN rears its ugly head, but maybe that won't be necessary.

Wednesday, I went back to the othopaedic surgeon for a followup visit.  The broken metacarpal in my left hand is healing nicely and the dislocated pinky finger is doing fine.  My upper body was still pretty sore, which he said was normal.  I have some pain in my left shoulder from moving my arm, which he thinks might be a strain of my rotator cuff muscle, so he prescribed 4 weeks of physical therapy and wants to see me after that.  I haven't scheduled the PT yet, so I may start that tomorrow.

My body is slowly healing from the abuse I subjected it to.  It's not letting me forget this incident too quickly, which is probably a good thing.  Each day is slightly better than the one before.  I still find that I like to rest in a comfortable position as often as I can.  Excuse me while I go lie down for a bit...

...OK, I'm back.

Friday, I had a followup visit with Dr. Treister, the dentist at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  He had expressed some lingering concerns before my stem cell transplant about all the dental work I had done last fall.  Just in case your have forgotten, one of the issues with the bisphosphonate, Zometa, is the potential for osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), as I reported on in my post of Sept. 19, 2011:  bisphosphonates-and-me.  Just to be safe, Dr. Paba Prada wanted me to get a clean bill of health from Treister before resuming my Zometa treatments.  After examining me, Triester said everything looks fine, so I should start back on a monthly schedule of Zometa infusions, probably starting this week.

I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July holiday!

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