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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Feeling Good

It has been almost a month since my second "birthday" with my new stem cells.  I continue to feel good and am expanding my activities every day.  On Patriots Day we went to Plum Island and walked along the beach.  It was almost 90 degrees, and the beach was crowded, almost like the middle of summer!  My diet has expanded to include take-out pizzas, and we have even been out to eat at restaurants twice.  Of course, I have been careful not to eat any raw salads or vegetables, and I make sure everything is well cooked.  I can't wait to have a medium rare steak again!

Another good sign is I think my hair is starting to grow back again!  I can feel a little peach fuzz on my head.  I sure hope that fills in soon.  I don't particularly like my Yul Brynner/Telly Sevalis/Bruce Willis bald look.  The only problem is...what am I going to do with all these hats?  I'll need to hold a garage sale for used hats.

My friend, Bob, went back home to Seattle on Sunday.  It was a great visit!  While here, he helped me to fashion and replace a rotten deck post (rather, I helped him).  In this picture of Bob (dressed as a bumble bee) standing next to the new post, he looks a bit pained holding the paint brush as a prop.  This is probably because he hates to paint.  He actually sat in a lawn chair doing a crossword puzzle while watching me do the painting!  (Yes, I dutifully wore a mask and gloves while painting.)  Seriously, though, it was great fun to be outside in the beautiful weather doing a project with Bob.  We've often done building projects together at each others' houses, so it was like old times.

I don't have to go back to Dana Farber for another two weeks.  Yippee!  I hope that by then my blood test numbers will have improved enough for me to resume more normal activities.  Until then, I will try to be careful to eat right and avoid crowds.  The toughest thing for me is not working in the yard, especially this time of year.  Gretchen will have to mow the lawn (which needs it now).  The rest of it, such as edging, mulching, trimming, etc., will have to wait until next year, or at least until the fall.  Sigh!


  1. Haven't you ever heard of lawn services? I haven't mowed, edged, mulched or trimmed my lawn in years. Of course, I never enjoyed that sort of activity. I would rather spend my time playing tennis, kayaking or almost anything else.

  2. Dear OCRM, To each his own. I actually enjoy taking care of my lawn. Maybe I just never grew up, as I like driving around on my riding lawn mower.