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Monday, March 23, 2015

Back from Hawaii

Sunrise over Haleakala volcano
After 8 days in beautiful Maui, we're back to the frozen tundra of Massachusetts.  Whoopee!  The calendar says it's spring now, but you'd never know it.  There is still snow on our roof!  Oh well. It was a wonderful family vacation.  One of the highlights was to take a tour to the top of the 10,000 foot altitude inactive volcano, Haleakala, to watch the sunrise.  We had to leave our hotel at 2:30 am (grog!), but it was so worth it.  What a beautiful sight!  Unforgettable.  Some of our group took a different tour which provided bicycle rides down the mountain after the sunrise.  We didn't do that, but I can live with it.

Sunset from the Marriott Hotel
We spent most of
the rest of our time at the Ka'anapoli Hyatt Regency hotel beach and pools, which was lovely.  I basically parked my ass on the beach while watching the younger, fitter members of our family swim, snorkel and surf the waves.  I was somewhat wistful thinking about how I would have been out there doing all that in days past.  Damn!  Some parts of getting older are not that much fun.

I passed a milestone while in Hawaii.  On March 20, I celebrated my 3rd birthday with my new stem cells!  I almost forgot about it, until someone reminded me.  One should never forget ones birthday.  Happy birthday to me!  I am so lucky to still be in complete response after three years.

All in all, it's good to be back home.  While we were away, our home decorator, Amy, did a lot to help unpack, organize and add homey touches to the house.  It looked great when we got back!  We love our new home, and we are starting to get settled in.  For anybody who cares, our new address is 10 Dole Place, West Newbury, MA  01985. 

Next Monday, I go back to the Farber for a bone marrow biopsy (ugh!)  My favorite PA, Zack, is no longer at the Farber, so I have to trust myself to one of the other PAs.  At best, the experience is not pleasant, but I just hope it is not too painful.  I'm also scheduled to get my final set of immunization shots, which include live viruses.  Mary and Muriel decided to postpone those shots until after our vacation because of possible adverse reactions to the shots. 

It's all good.

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