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Monday, June 18, 2012


A week ago today I performed my ridiculous acrobatic stunt off the ladder.  I am still pretty sore, deservedly so, but I think I am slowly healing.  I had more X-rays taken at DFCI on Friday which confirmed that no major bones (shoulder, ribs, back, etc.) were broken.  Fortunately, I have been able to find a comfortable position to be able to sleep at night, although getting out of bed has been an effort.

I have gotten a lot of feedback on this incident from family and friends.  While there is an overwhelming consensus confirming the stupidity my act, I have also gotten a lot of encouragement, love, and support.  Many have been empathetic with my anxiety to start doing normal things again after my stem cell transplant.  Others who know how stubborn I am realize that it has a good side and a bad side.  The good side is what helps me deal with this MM in an aggressive and positive manner.  I think that has helped me respond well to my induction therapy and recover quickly from my transplant.  The bad side (like the Dark Side of the Force), is what impels me to do rash things that would be better left undone.  I believe that I have fully internalized the lessons of my folly, and I plan to control the Dark Side better in the future.  May the Force be with me!

I have completed the first cycle of my consolidation therapy, and this is my rest week.  I start Cycle 2 next Tuesday.  Tomorrow, Gretchen and I are off to Niagara Falls for two days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  I have missed our anniversary for the last 20 years, because I have always spent this week of June sailing in Block Island Race Week.  While I will miss the camaraderie of the crew, as well as the excitement and challenge of the races, I am looking forward to just spending some time celebrating this special occasion with Gretchen.  After last week's debacle, I have a lot to celebrate!

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