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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Patriots Game

Last Sunday I went to the New England Patriots game vs. the Buffalo Bills with my son, Brian.  The weather was perfect, and we had a great time, as the Patriots hung on to barely win with only a few seconds left.  Fortunately, I have a strong heart (but my fingernails are shot).

This year our season tickets are really close to the field, a welcome change from our previous nose-bleed seats at the top of the stadium.  As you can see, we get a great view of the action on our end of the field.  However, on the other end, not so much.  That's where the big video screens come in handy.

During the half-time show, I was pleasantly surprised to see a video of the Patriots donating a large check to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  I didn't realize this, but the Patriots sponsor a team every year to participate in the Pan Mass Challenge, a charity bicycle ride, all the proceeds of which go to DFCI for cancer research.  As you know, I support my friend, Dave Poulin, who rides in this event every year.  It's a great fundraiser that donated a record 37 million dollars this year for cancer research.  I also didn't know that the Patriots Platelet Pedalers team raises money every year at this event targeted specifically for Multiple Myeloma research.  The video showed a huge check for over $719,000 that Patriots Platelet Pedalers raised this year, which was made out to Dr. Ken Anderson to sponsor his research to find a cure for MM.  Wow!  I was overwhelmed.  MM is not a well-known cancer.  To see this kind of visibility for MM at a huge sporting event like this was awesome.  Spend it wisely, Ken.  Go Pats!

I will continue to support Dave in his annual Pan Mass Challenge rides, but I also plan to support the Patriots Platelet Pedalers in their future rides.  Who knows, if I can get myself into shape, maybe I will start riding myself.  I need to do more to give back to those who have given so generously to help those of us who are fighting cancer.

Next Monday I go in for my monthly checkup and Zometa infusion.  I got my prescription yesterday for next month's Revlimid.  I was expecting the dose to increase from 10 mg/day to 15 mg/day, but it stayed at 10.  I wonder why.  I expect to find out what's going on Monday.

This year's ASH Conference is coming up next month.  I plan to start researching the abstracts to see what new breakthroughs may be forthcoming at the conference.  I also got an invitation today to attend the DFCI Patient Symposium on Saturday, December 15.  Last year's event was very informative and I'm looking forward to finding out the latest and greatest news on the MM front.  I will certainly share whatever nuggets I can find from these events.

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  1. Wow Bill what a very pleasant surprise and giving MM some visibility and research money. Go Patriots!

    New York Marilyn