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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

It's New Year's Eve, the last gasp of 2014.  The glow of the holidays is just beginning to fade.  The last of our family left for home today, but the echoes of their presence still punctuate the solitude.  We are winding down, glad to be finally alone but missing the joy of their company.  This is a quiet night at party, no champagne, just quiet relaxing and an early night to bed.  We'll leave the partying and the fireworks to the youngsters.  Yawn...

This year has had its ups and downs.  Gretchen breaking her foot was a big downer, but she has pretty much fully recovered from that.  The other big news is that we managed to sell our house, and we are about to close Friday on our new one.  We took most of our family over to check out our new home yesterday, and they all loved it!  We are excited about the move, while still harboring nostalgic feelings about this place and the wonderful memories we have created here over the last eleven years.  The next couple of months will be filled with the stress of packing and moving. We can't wait for it to be all over and for us to move in to our new home.

I'm now sitting here just thinking about how lucky I am.  I'm feeling great, and my myeloma is still at bay.  We have an amazing family and a terrific circle of friends.  I'm optimistic about the new year!  I'm looking forward to getting settled in our new place.  I'm also anticipating new advances in MM treatments that will give all of us patients more hope for longer survival.

We have a couple of big trips planned for 2015.  In March, we are taking a family vacation to Maui, Hawaii for eight days along with Brian, Pam, and our grandson, Logan, as well as with Pam's parents and Brian's mom, Cheryl (my ex-wife), and her fiance, Fred (our optometrist).  I know this may sound weird, but surprisingly, we all get along really well, so it should be a fun vacation.

Our daughter, Holly, and her boyfriend, Ryan, are heading to Peru in February for her to teach pre-school children in a Montessori school.  That should be interesting, as she doesn't speak Spanish!  Ryan will work a lot from home there, although he travels world wide often on his job.  They will be there until next December, so we plan to get down there at least once in 2015.  While visiting them, we have to take a trip to Machu Picchu, one of the sites on my "bucket list', although I'm much too young and healthy to have a bucket list.  ;-)

Happy New Year to you all!  Most importantly, may you enjoy good health in the coming year.  

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