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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Waiting for Results

I've been checking the DFCI Patient Gateway website daily for any news about my recent bone marrow biopsy.  So far, nada.  the Differential Review and Cell Marker Studies are still listed as "Pending".  Usually, the results are available in about three weeks, but it will be four weeks on Monday, when I go back to the Farber for my monthly blood draw and Zometa infusion.  I don't know what the delay is, but I'm not overly concerned about it.  I'd kind of like to know, however.

I'm still feeling great, but I do sleep a lot more than I used to.  It may be due to my persistent anemia, caused either by the MM itself or the daily dose of Revlimid that I have been taking.  Or maybe I'm just getting old.  Perish the thought!  I'm still trying to go to the gym regularly, but I've been a bad boy for the last few days.

Gretchen is still on her way to recovery, although she realizes that she has a long way to go yet.  It's a bit scary, wondering when or if she will fully recover all her mental faculties.  She has experimented with going back to work and driving, but she doesn't feel fully capable of doing either yet.  Still, I can't help but be amazed at how far she has come in less than two months since her accident.  I'm pretty confident that she will continue to improve and eventually get back to normal or very near normal, but nothing is guaranteed, so we have our fingers and toes crossed.

Tomorrow, we will go out to brunch with Jeff to celebrate his 43rd birthday (can I really be that old?).  Happy Birthday, Jeff!  Afterwards, Jeff, Christine, Gretchen and I will attend a matinee performance of a play in Lowell called "Proof".  It's supposed to be very good.  There's only one slight problem.  Tomorrow is my 24-hour urine collection day for my Monday appointment at the Farber.  Since we will be out of the house from about 9:00 am to who knows when (we may go to dinner afterwards), I will be carrying a urine collection bottle around with me all day.  That should be a lot of fun.  At least I don't have to try to carry it onto an airplane.  I have to say that this 24-hour urine collection thing is one of the biggest hassles of my condition.  That being said, how lucky can I be to be able to say that?  If that's my biggest concern, why am I even mentioning it?  Good question.  Forget I even brought it up.


  1. Hi Bill! In my experience with biopsies at DFCI and with Patient Gateway, they don't ever allow the biopsy results to be viewable online by the patient (yours could be set up differently, however!). After weeks of "Pending" my biopsies eventually say, "SEE MEDICAL RECORDS AND/OR BICS." I would call, and/or see if one of the secretaries could email you the results. My guess is the results have been finalized by now, but it's just not reflecting that online. :) Wishing you only good results! Take care, Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I know the Patient Gateway won't let me view the results, but I assume that I can't call in to get them until they are no longer "Pending". Anyway, I will be there tomorrow, so I will ask for copies of any results they have. Thanks for the good wishes! Best, Bill