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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hat Decisions

My forthcoming stem cell
transplant process will involve my taking IV doses of
(cytoxan) and melphalan, both of which are potent
chemotherapy agents. As a consequence, I am facing the prospect of
dealing with temporary hair loss. Hopefully, it will grow back in a
few short months. In the meantime, I have no desire to emulate Yul
Brynner or Telly “Who loves ya baby” Sevalas, so I need to deal
with the issue of head coverings to hide my soon-to-be shiny bald
My first thought was a
close-fitting knit cap, which would provide some warmth as well as
cosmetic cover. I have several of those lying around, but
unfortunately, almost all of them are emblazoned with the New England
Patriots logo. Since the Superbowl, I don't want to think about or
be reminded of the Patriots until next season, if then. I do have a
red ski cap which could work. It is fine for skiing, but for indoor
use, I am a bit put off by the pom pom on the top. So yesterday, I
stopped into Walmart and picked up a knit cap, which set me back all
of 68 cents! A fashion statement it is not, but 'twill serve.
Looking through my closet, I
came across the fine Irish tweed flat cap that I had bought in
Ireland ten years ago. This hat certainly befits my surname and is
quite spiffy, but it might be a bit heavy for the forthcoming spring
and summer months. Last week at Sears, I picked up a faux version of
an Irish flat cap. Yes, it's polyester, not tweed, but it's light
and airy, which should work well during the warmer weather. While at
Sears, I tried on a few other hats of varying styles, but I left them
all at the store.
Of course, no discussion of
hats would be complete without including the ubiquitous billed
baseball/golf /sailing hats. I have dozens of these lying around the
house and garage, with logos from various teams, courses, venues,
cities, countries, you name it. I'll probably pick up one or two
more while golfing next week. I may need to rent space to store them
pretty soon.

This brings me to the piece
de resistance. I have a fine specimen of a Russian Ushanka hat that
my son, Brian, brought back for me from Moscow when he was there on a
high school field trip. Despite the fact that I have rarely worn it,
it is a real treasure. Of course it won't be appropriate for beach
wear, but I'll keep it in reserve for the colder weather. I'm
looking at my picture wearing this hat with the ear flaps down. I
notice a startling resemblance to Chevy Chase's cousin, Eddie, in the
movie, “Christmas Vacation”. I shudder to think of it. For
those of you who have forgotten or not seen it (who could possibly
not have seen this movie?), here is a video reminder. All I would
need is the cigar. Yikes! 
Feel free to comment on your favorite or least favorite chapeau. 

But enough of all this nonsense
about hats.  Now on to playing golf. Fore!


  1. A striking resemblance to Eddie! I like the one you had on in the store and the baseball cap runs a very close second. XOXO Lynn

  2. Since I am originally from Russia I am patial to Ushanka (at least until spring arrives).

    Mike from NY

  3. The Irish tweed really looks great and has a better shape to it than the faux Irish polyester from Sears! It gets my vote.

    Sue (O'Neil) Roberts
    (perhaps a little partial)

  4. Thanks for your comments. In deference to your differing opinions, I'll plan to wear them all in rotation. ;-)